We are a professional Property Management Team that has delivered for our clients, with a 20-year record of success for the Owners, Investors and Landlords of South Florida. Our emphasis on management and upkeep features regular maintenance, including quarterly inspections for both Commercial and Residential clients. We also handle all your leasing operations, and our attention to luring the quality tenants who will do business or live on your property will enhance its value.

We focus on the services that save you time…a major reason you hire a property manager. One of the most time-consuming tasks for a property owner is finding the right tenants, which is why we prioritize screening services. 
We process applications from beginning to end, with a goal of approving qualified renters quickly and thoroughly while maintaining full compliance with Florida landlord/tenant regulations. We work with all types of Development – Commercial, Single-Family or Multi-Family Units – on engaging responsible tenants and providing the maintenance services necessary to keep your property occupied and producing cash flow.

Our company takes care of the vital issues that would create additional stress and disrupt your daily routine if you tried to manage them on your own. We handle the call from a tenant who has an emergency maintenance issue. We make sure the rent payments are on time. We evaluate prospective Renters, Residential or Commercial, to insure your property will be filled with responsible tenants. We take care of an eviction if necessary. We insure compliance with new and updated regulations affecting the rental property market. We go above and beyond the traditional maintenance and tenant recruiting functions of a property management firm. We connect you with the escrow agents, title companies and qualified lenders you need to enhance your property’s income-generating potential, in ways that will help you meet your financial goals.

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